For over 125 years, this community has been served by the dedicated members of Port Matilda Lodge #733, I.O.O.F. From those early days it has striven to fulfill its mission "to visit the sick, relieve the distressed, bury the dead and educate the orphan". Today we continue those efforts both through our own work and by offering our help to support various community programs.

By working together, we help keep this a community of which we can all be proud. Several times a year, we clean up the two mile stretch of Plank Road leading into Port Matilda. For several years we have volunteered in support of the Children's Fishing Derby and in raising money to support the fire department. This year we also helped support the Children's Easter Egg Hunt and introduced the Silent Memorial March to honor the veterans who have passed on. Through these efforts and a helping hand to individuals in need, we do our best to preserve the sense of community we all enjoy.

We wear our odd name as Odd Fellows with pride. Taking the time to help others without any personal gain was considered "odd" in the 18th century when the Odd Fellows organization was created. In today's often impersonal society, our continued effort to help children and those in need is once again considered a bit "odd". More and more, a community in which it is safe for children to play by themselves, where the elderly can get friendly help with daily needs, where those in distress can get a helping hand from a neighbor and where organizations work with each other instead of in competition is also "odd". By those standards, we and our community are all a little "odd". We hope we always are.

For more information about Port Matilda Lodge #733, IOOF, to request our support or to join us: please contact the lodge Secretary Julie Duminiak (814-883-3272) or any of our members.

Regular Meetings:
When:1st & 3rd Friday of each month @ 7:30pm
Where:Fowler Grove U.M. Woman's Bldg.
Rte 220
Port Matilda, Pa.